JamProject Beta 1 Bronze

JamProject Beta 1 Bronze 0.4

JamProject Beta 1 Bronze is a musical game where you will have to track songs
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JamProject Beta 1 Bronze is a musical game.
With this game, you can track any MP3 song saved in your hard disk. You can load that song, then a compatible MIDI file, and you can start tracking the desired notes (the guitar notes), by pressing the ENTER key. The program allows you to choose to play in the Tap Only mode (the easier one) or the Tap and Strump mode (advanced). You can choose to play each one of those modes in the normal, easy or insane difficulty level.

This game is free. It is specially designed for musicians who want to train themselves.

You will be able to make your own tracks, by marking the notes. You will need to obtain a free membership before being able to record your track into the servers, or to submit a track to share it with others.

This beta version contains several errors because, the authors say, it has several functions that are not implemented yet. The "Server error finding note tracks" message is the most common of these errors. They promise all of them will be fixed for the next version.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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